Members of this family are generally brush-footed butterflies, this refers to the reduced pair of the first legs or forelegs that are covered in dense hairs. The front pair of legs is inconspicuous and much smaller that the other four. They are not used for walking or holding but for cleaning their antennae and other parts of their body. Butterflies in this family have a distinctive way of flying, after every wingbeat, they hold their wings stretched out from their body and glide for a while without moving their wings.


The adults are rather small and delicate butterflies which fly only in sunshine, and all are practically cofined to primary forest. They are fond of settling on the upperside of leaves, with half open wings, and are usually found singly. Some species are rather local in distribution.


Nearly all Lycaenidae are small yet colorful butterflies. The family consisting of Hair-streaks, Coppers and Blues. Many species are associate with ants during their early stage of life and practise mutual symbiosis with ants.