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Thread: ID help needed for Lascars

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    Seng Kang

    Default ID help needed for Lascars

    Dear Dr Seow,
    Pls help with the following ids for members, thanks!


    CL 1b.JPG
    Cher Hern

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    1. Pantoporia sandaka sandaka.

    2. Pantoporia paraka paraka.

    3. Pantoporia hordonia hordonia. Possibly with gene introgression ( ie hybrid).
    This male is unusual in having the FW postdiscal band with a large 'foot' like extension running along the lower margin.
    This is similar to the Taiwanese ssp rihodona & to P. sandaka.

    Usually ssp hordonia have a smaller foot.
    P. Malaysia.

    Male P. paraka have the two marginal bands orangey.

    P. dindinga recorded in the past in Singapore have the two marginal bands distinctly grey.

    The two species P. hordonia & sandaka have been much confused.
    The distinction is perhaps less sharp in Singapore due to hybridisation.

    P. hordonia . Yellower.
    FW submarginal grey band much wider than the adjacent orange band.
    Male brand on the HW smaller & grey , not noticeable.

    P. sandaka ;FW submarginal grey band usually narrower than the orange band, beaded or broken; orange band intact.
    Male HW brand white. showing as a white line/highlight below the FW.

    The difference is best shown in these two males from Raub, Malaysia.
    Male P. hordonia.
    Male P. sandaka.

    P. hordonia is much rarer in Singapore.
    The females of the two can be rather confusing.
    Females P. hordonia; The orange band may be obscure & nearly obliterated.
    P. Thailand

    All Singapore examples.
    P. hordonia.
    Probable female.

    P. sandaka.
    Female ;Note the grey band is broken & beaded.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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