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  • A Sneak Peek Butterflies of Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand

    There are, by far, many more books on birds in the Southeast Asian region than books on butterflies. Perhaps it is because there are more competent authors who are birders besides the assumption that birders in the region probably outnumber butterfly watchers by a ratio of 10:1! Ok, perhaps I'm exaggerating, but would someone care to hazard a guess?

    Read the full article @ http://butterflycircle.blogspot.sg/2...rfly-book.html
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    Nacaduba berenice?

    It is highly probable that Prosotas pia pia occur in Singapore.

    Here is another male from Singapore.
    On the HW the dark

    Psyche Today, 10:40 AM Go to last post

    Callerebia spp

    Thank you Dr. Soew��

    Tshulthrim Yesterday, 04:42 AM Go to last post

    Callerebia spp

    This is also Callerebia scanda.

    The similar species are.

    C. nirmala ;UnH with several ocelli, often

    Psyche Yesterday, 03:54 AM Go to last post

    Callerebia spp

    Greetings from Bhutan!!!
    Dear Dr. Seow,
    What is the difference between Callerebia annada/scanda la, this is because Callerebia scanda I

    Tshulthrim Yesterday, 12:15 AM Go to last post

    Doubtful IDs from Nepal

    Thank you so much, sir. Also I came to know that S. cephala will never have spots reduced like in most of my individuals.

    Nawab 16-Sep-2021, 09:06 PM Go to last post

    Doubtful IDs from Nepal

    They are all fairly typical dsf Scobura isota.

    S. isota & cephala have been much confused.

    Scobura cephala.

    Psyche 16-Sep-2021, 07:20 PM Go to last post
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