Good day all,

It comes to my attention that there is a significant rise in the number of butterfly photographers that joined BC recently.

I'm in charge of maintaining the checklist, and I would like to request that you could also contribute some photos for our checklist. I've seen plenty of your shots being posted on the butterfy photography subforum, and I must say its a delight to see the variety of beautiful shots.

For those who want to contribute to the checklist, please see the below requirements and procedures. I personally believe that the photos in the checklist should not only include some of the senior members, but all who are willing to contribute

To submit your photos, please zip them up and send it to my email @

The requirements are:
1. minimum 600px on the long side
2. No borders
3. Contributor name on the corner of the photo (I may not know some of your real names)
4. File size not more than 100kb