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Thread: Some sightings in northern Singapore

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    Default Some sightings in northern Singapore

    The better weather during lunch time brought out quite a few butts in this northern part of Singpaore. Saw female butts of Suffused Flash, Sumatran Sunbeam, N. pavana and Common Tit ovipositing. Also encountered other species like Glassy Tigers, Common Mormon, Grass Yellows, Palm Bob, Chestnut Bob, Tree Flitter, Bush Hopper, Common Awl, Hoary Palmer, Great Eggfly, Common Palmfly, Psyche, Short-Banded Sailor and Bush Browns.

    Pic 1 shows my record shot of Hoary Palmer (female), and pic 2 shows the upperside of a female Sumatran Sunbeam.
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    Horace, u found alot of butts there.
    Aaron Soh

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