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Thread: Buangkok Link - 04 March 2007

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    Default Buangkok Link - 04 March 2007

    Went out for cycling this morning.

    Little activities there, too early perhaps.

    Sighted only Psyche, Grass Yellow, Chestnut Bob, Dark Brand Bush Brown. Suprisingly, not even one Grass Blue, Peacock Pansy, Chocolate Pansy.
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    Must've gone too early when the environment is still too cool for butterfly activity. With the almost whole-day rains last Thursday and Friday, the butts were out in numbers on Saturday morning when it was sunny.

    But thanks for posting. It's been rather quiet in here these days.

    It's always good to seek out flowering bushes after a spate of rainy days. After a day or two of not feeding, the butts will be quite hungry and will be out feeding.
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