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Thread: One up for 2007 - Species #278 for Singapore!

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    Default One up for 2007 - Species #278 for Singapore!

    First one for the new year. Actually, this skipper was shot by a few of us some time back - almost even 2-3 years ago, but due to the male's very close resemblance to the Telicota spp. I was unable to confirm it with certainty. Here was a male which I shot at TBHP on 29 Dec 2004(!)

    Richard shot a female here on 31 Jul 2005 (Richard, it's a +1 for you, please repost this one), but again, C&P4 did not have the underside of the female shown, so it remained a UFO. Richard also shot this one at TBHP.

    Last weekend, I encountered two females and a male, and this time, I was able to get a definite specimen to check for a positive ID. And finally, Federick shot an excellent specimen with a nice background today.

    So let's welcome our latest re-discovery and a additional species for the Singapore checklist, Cephrenes acalle niasicus Note that C&P4 has an error in the Plate showing this species in the last name as niasica. Some Internet searches show niasicus as the more accurate name. The species is shown male/female upperside, at Plate 58 of C&P4, Figures 25 and 26.

    Description : The adults are larger than Telicota which they resemble. The female has paler, narrower and more obscure markings. C. acalle niasicus is rare in the cultivated lowlands of Malaya, and is swift in flight. The underside is ochreous in the male with the markings outlined with black dots. The female is extremely variable aboce the markings are usually very sullied, and the hindwing beneath has an oily sheen and may be coloured green, bluish or purple.

    The larva is green with the white head margined and marked with black, and is found on palms (particularly Cocos nucifera - Coconut) and Calamus (Rotan)
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