The previous Butterfly Photography Critique Forum has been closed down due to minimal activity and contribution. It has been replaced with a more useful forum for members who would like to record checklists of their outings and also post record shots of what they've seen on their outings. This gives a faster and more convenient way for members to showcase what they've seen on an outing, as well as for us to keep records of species observed at various locations throughout the year.

An example is what CP does when he goes on outings and records shots and to a certain extent, a mental checklist of the species he has seen in particular locations at certain times of the year. This is useful information for research and documentation as we will then be able to track the distribution of certain species over the year, and the locations where they frequent. This is also very useful when we are looking for records of migratory species e.g. Chocolate Albatross, Great Orange Tip, and the times when they are spotted in Singapore.

The sub-forum Butterfly Photography will focus mainly for members to showcase their best works or those that they are particularly proud of, that they would like to share with others. Members who are more experienced at photography are also encouraged to share their expertise, critique and offer constructive suggestions on how others can improve their shots and techniques.