We now have a moths sub-forum, after Dr Roger Kendrick has kindly agreed to help out in sharing his extensive knowledge about moths. Roger is from Hong Kong. I'll leave him to introduce himself in more detail and what he does on moth research in Hong Kong.

Roger and I "met" briefly on the Internet many many years back (I think it was some time in 97 or so) when both of us were starting out with our respective websites. He was still a PhD student then, and we exchanged notes on our websites. Today he's a Dr, and more knowledgeable about moths in the far east than any forumer that I've come across.

Welcome Roger! Do share with us your vast knowledge on moths!

And for the rest of us here, do post your moth shots in this sub-forum from here on. We now have an authority on moths and we can rest assured that we can at least ID the moths that we shoot now