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Thread: Critique Gallery Posting Guidelines

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    Default Critique Gallery Posting Guidelines

    Please read the Guidelines before posting in this Critique Gallery.

    1. Before You Post your work for critique :
    a) This Critique Gallery is created for the objective of getting feedback, good or bad, on your images. If you are posting here for the sake of an ego boost and expecting lots of single liners and 's, please take your photos and post them elsewhere.

    b) As posts and comments from other members can sometimes be harsh but frank, try to have a thick skin and consider what has been said, in a positive light. Remember that you are looking for feedback and suggestions on how your photo can be improved.

    c) Please share your reasons why you took your shot, and why you like or dislike the shot, and what you are seeking others' advice and comments regarding your shot. You may also want to do a self-critique of your shot and see if others agree or disagree with your comments.

    2. Posting Technical Guidelines :
    a) Members are only allowed to post ONE image PER day. This is to allow enough time for critiques to be well-considered.

    b) Please keep your image dimensions to a comfortable size to facilitate easier viewing. We recommend the width to be no larger than 600 pixels.

    c) Remember to post the basic technical data on your photo. Please do not copy and paste the entire EXIF file of your photo. Pertinent information are camera, lens used, ISO, f-stop, shutter speed, flash and/or camera compensation values, whether tripod mounted or handheld, etc. This information will help members who are commenting on the shot suggest ways of improving the shot.

    3. Members who are Commenting on the Photos :
    a) When posting comments, please stick to the image in question and not disparage the member. Put yourself in the shoes of the member whose work is being critiqued - would you subject yourself to the comments you are about to make?

    b) Concentrate your comments and feedback on :
    • composition
    • sharpness/focus
    • WB/Colour/Contrast
    • background
    • lighting balance
    • technical aspects
    • artistic/creative value
    • post-processing and workflow
    A suggested link to guide you on your comments, if you're not sure how to critique a photo.
    Good luck, and Happy posting!

    To make this Critique Gallery objective and moderated, I will be the Moderator. Any OT posts will be removed and the poster PMed with information why the post has been removed. Please respect the decorum and rules of posting in this forum.
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