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Thread: Arhopala moorei - check ID

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    Default Arhopala moorei - check ID

    This individual is not that well marked, but appears to have the correct alignment of spots for Arhopala moorei.
    Images of well-marked individuals seem rare to non-existent.
    Comments on ID appreciated please.
    From Ton Nga Chang WS, Songkhla, s Thailand 23 Jun 24.
    Many thanks.


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    Most likely Arhopala amphimuta.

    The smaller members of the amphimuta group are very difficult to id in fieldshots.

    The larger members FW 21-23mm have UnF spot 2 & 3 in line.
    UnH spot 6 is relatively small & far from the cellend bar, covering less than half the gap between spot 5 & cellend bar.

    eg A. amphimuta, major, moolaiana & norda.

    In A muta & moorei FW 17- 19mm, UnF spot 2 & 3 are not inline.
    UnH spot 6 is larger & covers more than half the gap between spot 5 & cellend bar.

    A. metamuta FW 18-19mm is in between ,with FW spot 2 & 3 in line & Unh spot 6 covering more than half the gap stated.

    A. amphimuta & major.

    A. muta .
    A. metamuta.

    It does not seem possible to separate A. muta from moorei from the underside.

    Back to your image.

    The FW is raised high enough to see spot 3 clearly (squarish).
    The very edge of spot 2 can be seen & this is in line with that of spot 3.

    This prove that it is a large species.
    UnH spot 6 being small & far from the cellend also confirm this.
    The tornal white spot is absent ( could be abraded).
    The V spot is very well-formed.

    The appearrance is very much Arhopala amphimuta.

    TL Seow; Cheers.
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    Many thanks. Yes, I would agree Arhopala amphimuta looks more likely based on the descriptions and diagrams.

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