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Thread: Potanthus skipper from NW Thailand

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    Default Potanthus skipper from NW Thailand

    I photogrpahed this Potanthus at Omkoi, nw Thailand on 23 May 24. I've been kicking around the ID for a week and not really gotten anywhere since some of the features don't seem to add up to a specific ID. I think I have narrowed it down to P. pallida and P. palni, and I did consider P. ganda. I lean toward P. palni but would welcome other ideas and suggestions please. Altitude 1,000 metres in dry mixed dipterocarp forest. Many thanks.



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    Tough lots these Potanthus.

    I wouldn't want to put an id at these moment.

    Note FW spots 4 & 5 have either no overlap or barely between spot 3 & 4.
    This should put the crosshair on P. trachala, .pseudomaesa, pallida.

    P. palnia is quite different, small overlap between spot 3 & 4, spot 5 smaller than spot 4.
    Most importantly a dark greenish grey shading un.

    P. trachala is out as the spots are spiky, & in the male strong concave margins.

    P. pseudomaesa & pallida are frequently confused in India.

    There are 3 species in Sri Lanka, namely, P. pseudomaesa, pallida & confucius.
    in South India 5 spp., including P. palnia & pava.

    P. confucius & pava can be ruled as the FW bands are continuous without dark veins.
    P. palnia is also out.

    Females of both P. pseudomaesa 7 pallida may have FW spots 4 & 5 fully detached.

    P. pseudomaesa.
    Underside marked with heavy black spots.
    See fieldshots at the bottom.

    P. pallida.
    Underside paler with diffuse dark shadings.

    Both P. pseudomaesa & pallida were first described from Sri Lanka where they were frequently confused.
    P. pallida was named because of the paler underside.

    Your image looks to be P. pallida.

    TL Seow: Cheers.

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    Many thanks for the detailed reply.
    Yes, fully appreciate the complexiy of these Potanthus - They regularly drive me crazy.

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