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Thread: Sabah - ID Request

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    24. Female Notocrypta paralysos.
    FW band broad & not reaching the costa full-width. FW with spot 4.
    25. Notocrypta pria.
    FW band narrow & tapers towards the costa & dorsum (lower margin).
    26. Notocrypta paralysos.
    FW band broad, not reaching the costa, its inner margin with a right-angled notch; FW with a spot 4.
    27. Very likely female Notocrypta paralysos variant.
    FW with a large spot 4 & a tiny spot 5.
    FW band broad, with a right angled notch on its inner margin.
    Band reaches costa, but yellowish .

    Notocrypta paralysos
    FW band broad with a distinct right-angled notch; FW spot 4 usually present.
    UnF bant not reaching costa or only patchily.
    FW shape more rounded.

    Notocrypta clavata.
    FW band narrower with notch on the inner margin more obtuse.
    FW spot 4 rarely present.
    FW sharper.
    UnF band broadly extend to the costa.
    Probable female.

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    28. Koruthaialos rubecula female.
    Orange band not reaching costa.
    29. Korithaialos sindu.
    Orange band reaching costa.
    30. Probably Koruthaialos frena.
    Similar but larger than K. sindu.
    FW band very broad reaching costa, its outer border no mid-margin notch.
    Band 's lower part reaching termen (outer margin) broadly.
    31. Probably K. sindu. band reaches costal margin.

    K. rubecula.
    FW orange generally narrow, & not quite reaching costa. Female with broader band.
    Outer margin without a notch.
    3rd segment of palpi long & narrow.

    K. sindu.
    FW orange band reaching costa. with outer mid-margin notch.
    Palpi 3rd segment short & conical.

    K. frena
    Larger than K. sindu. Hill insect.
    FW band uniformly very broad, reaching costa & the lower outer margin(termen) to the tornus.
    Orange band's outer border without a mid-margin notch.
    Palpi 3rd segment short.

    Ancistroides (Kerana ) gemmifer.
    UnH marked with silvery spots.

    Ancistroides 9Kerana) armatus.
    Large FW 23-27mm, Impressive.
    FW orange baand with a distinct upperr notch.
    32. Probably a worn out Caltoris cormasa.
    33. Iambrix stellifer.
    The position of the two HW spots in pic 2 match that of I. stellifer.

    TL Seow: CHeers.
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    Thanks Doctor Seow for the comprehensive explanation and the drawings. Will take the time to look through and read up. Appreciate it
    Zick Soh

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