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    An assumption was made in the past that the dark form is B. oceia & the browner form is B. farri.
    This was based on the key stating that the underside HW of B. farri is silky brown.
    This assumption is too simplistic as fieldshot colour is very variable.

    C&P4's key states for both species . The female is usually fully spotted.

    B. farri : FW usually fully spotted in the male & always fully spotted in the female.

    B. oceia: Male with spot 8 (uppermost subapical spot) usually absent & spot 4 often so. UnH faintly ochreous.

    Fully spotted males from Thailand, China & India.

    No fully spotted males have been observed so far & most females are also not fully spotted, having two subapical spots instead of three.


    This strongly suggest all observations so far are all B. oceia.

    A number of interesting observations.
    The 1st pic shows the FW with large rounded cellspots & a spot in space 1b, 3nd pic shows the pale areas on the antennae.
    This indicate a male Caltoris bromus.
    UnH have a white spot in space 2 indicating it is a male Caltoris bromus .(The spot may be absent in some.
    The antennae have a pale area. The individual is fresh from the intact cilia.
    The unusual light orangey brown underside does not seem to match any Caltoris species.
    It does match the male(left) iDed as Baoris oceia from Raub.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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