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Thread: Imperials in Singapore.

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    Default Imperials in Singapore.

    Four species of the larger Imperials in Singapore are very similar & often confused in fie3ldshots.

    1. Jacoona anasuja.
    Underside FW with base of vein 12 black.
    UnH with two black spots/streaks in space 4.

    2. Neocheritra amrita
    UnH with only a submarginal black streak in space 4.

    3. Manto hypoleuca.
    UnH with two black streaks in space 4.
    Postdiscal spots closely aligned.

    4. Mantoides gama .Probably extinct.
    UnH with two streaks in space 4.
    Postdiscal spots widely dislocated.

    The markings are very consistent & practically infalliable.

    A recent observation is that of Neocheritra amrita, not Manto hypoleuca.Correction : Correct as Manto hypoleuca.

    A 2nd observation appears to be the same individual, but the upperside pic 2 is correctly Manto hypoleuca. Correction :Male Manto hypoleuca.

    TL Seow: Cheers
    Revision: The male Manto hypoleuca have less distinct streaks in HW space 4 , but is more distinguisable by its almost wholly orange HW.
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