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Thread: Potanthus pava in Singapore.

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    Default Potanthus pava in Singapore.

    A recent observation strongly suggest the presence of Potanthus pava in Singapore.

    Potanthus pava. FW 15mm vs FW 12-13 mm in P. confucius.
    Abdominal end yellow with a narrow black band basally.
    FW band yellow broad or relatively narrow, veins not blackened.
    In the broad band form the band appears continuous & uninterrupted as in P. confucius.
    Male FW base of space 2 with yellow scalings.
    First pointed out by a Japanese entomologist, this is practically diagnostic as it does seem to be present in any other species.
    Underside band edged with black streaks, not spots.
    HW spot 6 prominent, large especially on the underside.

    In this recent observation note the following features.
    1. FW base of space 2 with yellow scales. Also seen on right UnF as a small triangular patch.
    2. FW band with veins not blackened.
    3. HW with a large spot 6.
    4. Abdominal end yellow.

    This observation seem an almost certainty(99%) to be Potanthus pava.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
    PS. It is highly possible this observation is also P. pava but without an upperside it is difficult to prove it.
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