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Thread: Parnara species in Singapore.

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    Default Parnara species in Singapore.

    There are two species in Singapore.
    The record of P. ganga was a doubtful record in the 1930s that can nw be validated.

    Parnara species have short antennae with thick clubs.
    Subapical spots 6 & 7in line ;Spot 8 if present ,in line if big; if small shifted out slightly.
    UnH sometimes with a diffuse spot/mark at the cellend but not always.
    This is different from the cellspot in Pelopidas.\

    The two species are very similar & difficult to identify.
    I was provided a very useful ID feature by one member from India.
    This pertains to the position of FW spots 2, 3, & 4.
    This appears very accurate as can be seen later.


    Parnara ganga. FW lower cellspot sometimes.
    FW spot 3 somewhat rectangular ,& nearer to spot 2 than to spot 4.
    HW spots larger closer together , & spot 6 almost always absent.

    Note FW spot 3, 'rectangular' & closer to spot 2 .HW spots are small here.
    These two observations are based on the larger & closer HW spots. (ID is an educated guess.)

    Parnara bada. FW almost always without cellspot.
    FW spot 3 quadrate in shape & midway between spot 2 & spot 4.
    HW generally with small & separate spots irregular, variable from 0 to 5.
    HW spot 6 not uncommon.

    Note FW spot 3 is equal distance between spots 2 & 4.

    With HW spot 6.

    With a diffuse HW cellend 'spot'/mark.

    With varying nos of HW spots.

    Without HW spots.

    The name Straight Swift was first given to the type species P. guttata which have a straight series of HW spots.
    Subsequently it was applied for all species whether the HW 'band' is straight or crooked.
    P. guttata.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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