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    Default Potanthus confucius dushta

    Potanthus confucius dushta.

    P. confucius have been photographed in the past but some shots are less than ideal & most are labelled as P. omaha.
    Generally yellower overall.
    Abdominal end yellow with at most a thin basal black ring.
    FW with spots 4 & 5 broadly overlapping the spots above & below them. (Less in the female.)
    Bands with the veins not dark-dusted (or just lightly), edged with diffuse dark spots & ground lightly dusted.
    Male FW upperside with the band continuous uninterrupted by dark veins.
    Female veins may be lightly dark, FW lower three spots broad.

    These Thai males are very fine.
    Male by Federick probably 12 years ago. Note FW with the spots broadly overlapping.

    More recent shots .Males.

    The distinctive continuous yellow band in the male.
    Veins slightly dark -male.

    Compare the upperside of a male P. omaha with distinct dark veins below.
    And a male P. ganda .

    The Taiwan subspecies angustatus ( "narrowed ")
    Have slightly narrower bands & the abdominal end is darker.
    The female is quite similar & can be used as a reference for local females.

    Addendum :Females. Note large HW spot 6.
    Federick's shot ?12+ years ago. Note FW spots overlapping, veins lightly dark, HW spot 6 large, & ground heavier shading.
    Female. Distinct yellow; FW spots with wide overlaps; HW with large spot 6.Veins weakly dark.

    Females P. omaha for comparison.

    Female P. ganda.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
    PS. Not rare. There are a fair number of observations.
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