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    They are all females of Rapala dieneces. Correction: Rapala cowani females.
    2 is more readily identiafiable.
    The postdiscal band is orange brown.
    The UpF have a copper-brown patch.
    Typical females.

    1 is taken without a flash & appeared greyer & darker.
    Note diffusion of orange into space 3 & 4 is common in R. dieneces.

    Another species to look out for is R. scintilla.
    This closely resembles R. manea but is grey tinged on the underside.
    Male have only the HW upperside blue-shot. In R manea it is both; Females are identical.
    It is possible some of the grey R. manea is R. scintilla.

    Typical R. manea 2 males, 2 females.

    R. cowani is grey with the postdiscal band dark grey.
    Riau Island.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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