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Thread: Skipper ID request

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    There is only one skipper marked like this, ochreous brown with yellow veins.

    The eyes may be red brown ,the redness dependent on the lighting.
    The antenna have a black club with a whitish dot at the tip, & a pale area below it.
    The subapical spots have the lower one much larger.
    FW cilia blackish, HW cilia yellowish.

    TL Seow ; Cheers.

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    There are a few features which do not match that of Xanthoneura.
    The two subapical spots are spot 6 & 7. (if three then + spot 8)
    There is a spot below spot 6 which is spot 4 .ie no spot in space 5.
    This is typical in Caltoris.

    In Xanthoneura FW spot 4 & 5 are consistently absent.
    See also individuals here.

    With a FW spot 4 present the individual can not be Xanthoneura.

    The checklist have a female IDed as caltoris malaya with paler veins.
    If this is correct then this individual looks very similar.

    However the usual C malaya looks different.
    Undoubted female .Note UpF without cellspot, Abdominal end indicate female.
    Another female (from pointed FW apex & midmargin angle.)

    Based on these observations it is possibly a variant female Caltoris malaya.
    An upperside view should settle this.

    Note also the antennae match that of Xanthoneura but do not seem to match that of C. malaya.
    Thailand female C. malaya with three subapical spots.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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