Dear Dr Seow,

Below are a couple of skippers that i have collated that i require more help with ID with, also welcoming any help i can receive as well! I am still inexperience in Identifying skippers, which i hope i am able to learn much more about them as i slowly learn to check out identification features.

Skipper 1 - skipper 1.jpg

Skipper 2 - skipper 2.jpg
I believe it to be a caltoris/baoris species? This was shot in mandai

Skipper 3 - skipper 3.jpg
I believe it to be also a caltoris/baoris species? Also shot in the same area as skipper 2, but appears to have mild differences

Skipper 4 - skipper 4.jpg
This flew into a housing area in mandai in the late night of about 9pm, which I believe this to be E. torus or E. thrax, but i still cant quite tell how to observe the shape of the termen in the wings itself.

Skipper 5 - skipper 5.jpg
This is the same specimen as skipper 4, which i hope helps if its a alternate angle should skipper 4 isnt sufficient

skipper 6 - skipper 6.jpg
This was observe in woodlands of Singapore nearby a area block for construction, i once again decide this is a E. thrax or E.torus as well

Skipper 7 - skipper 7.jpg
same specimen as skipper 6, but i decided a backup view would be sufficient

skipper 8 - skipper 8.jpg
this is found in the same woodlands area, but a different specimen on a different day

skipper 9 - skipper 9.jpg
i think this is a telicota species?

skipper 10 - skipper 10.jpg
i believe this is a caltoris/baoris species once again, observe at upper seletar reservoir