Post 20.

Three Caltoris in Singaporehave noticeable pale areas on the antenna.

1 Caltoris cormasa.

2. Caltoris cahira

3. Caltoris bromus.

Two species have the antenna largely blackish.

4. Caltoris malaya

5. Caltoris philippina

1. The FW is raised high enough to indicate no upper cellspot & so by deduction no cellspot at all.
The individual is rather worn & faded.
The lack of cellspot inicate Caltoris malaya.

3 Caltoris malaya female.
The 2nd pic shows the upperside with no FW cellspot.
The female is typically mote ochreous ie yellower.

Post 14 no 5 looks very much like C. malaya & is probably so.
The HW spot in space 2 may be just an artifact, & not a real spot marking.

2. Baoris probably Baoris farri.

Baoris have a longer swept FW with a sinuous margin.
The antenna appear largely black in side view.
The abdomen is obscurely banded.

It is simply assumed the darker one is B. oceia & the lighter brown one B. farri.

Supposedly B. oceia male & female.

Supposedly B. farri male.

This female from Vietnam is correct as B. oceia does occur in Vietnam.

TL Seow:Cheers.