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Thread: Skippers ID clarification in Singapore

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    Yes. It is.

    Parnara species.
    antennae short & the clubs thick.
    UpF subapical spots 6 & 7in line; if spot 8 is present, it is usually also in line.
    UnH may have a diffuse cellend spot.
    UnH spot 7 is always absent.

    Two known species in Singapore.

    Parnra bada.
    unH spots variable & may be entirely absent.

    Parnara ganga.

    Probably this below is Parnara ganga.
    FW spot 3 is oblong & seem nearer spot 2,( the margins of spot 2 blurry) & UnH spots relatively large.

    Tl Seow: Cheers.
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