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Thread: ID help needed for Skipper (22 Nov 2021)

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    Default ID help needed for Skipper (22 Nov 2021)

    Dear Dr Seow,
    Pls help with the following id, thanks!

    Cher Hern

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    Male Potanthus trachala tytleri.

    Of the species with a prominent black band at the abdominal end the closest is to P. mingo.

    P. trachala tytleri. Larger. FW 14-15mm.

    FW upperside with spots 4 & 5 fully detached or nearly so.
    FW underside spots 4 & 5 no overlap, connected above & below only by the spikes.
    FW spots 2 & 3 with concave margins.
    HW upper spot of band strongly projected out from the outer margins of the band in space 2 & 3.
    All Singapore males.

    P. mingo Smaller FW 12-13mm.
    FW with spots 4 & 5 with varying overlaps.
    FW spots 2 & 3 with straight margins.
    HW HW underside band upper spot only slightly projected beyond the outer margins of the band in space 2 & 3.
    Underside HW band margins excavate, concave with dark spots.
    All Singapore males.

    P. serina Large FW 16mm.
    FW with spot 5 much smaller than spot 4.
    Underside largely brown shaded, more orangey,
    HW often with a small spot 6 at the upper inner corner.

    P. juno. FW 14mm.
    Abdominal end with a dark patchdorsally.
    FW with spot 5 smaller than spot 4.
    FW subapical spot 8 reduced or absent.
    Singapore male & female.

    The other three species have the abdominal yellow with a thin black line basally.
    Female do have darkish shading of the abdominal end dorsaloly.
    Males. P. omaha, ganda & confucius.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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