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Thread: Nacaduba calauria?

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    Default Nacaduba calauria?

    It was seen oviposting on Ardisia elliptica.
    Nacaduba 20210422.jpg

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    Female Nacaduba kurava.
    This is rather worn.
    There is a faint large costal spot above the mid-cell band.

    Female N. kurava.
    FW postdiscal band almost always straight & entire.
    Submarginal spots are typically large & rounded.
    An inner costal spot is present but in this individual is rather faint.

    Female N. calauria.
    Inner costal spot above midcell band always present.
    FW postdiscal band almost always straight & entire.
    FW submarginal spots 4 & 5 with straight sides 7 pointed tip.

    Female Nacaduba berenice.
    Innewr costal spot always present.
    FW submarginal spots variable large or narrow ,rounded or pointed.
    FW postdiscal band almost always broken or variously crooked or distorted.

    Female N. beroe.
    FW without the inner costal spot above the midcell band.
    Submarginal spots may be broad or narrow.
    FW postdiscal band almost invariably dislocated .

    Female with a mark where the inner costal spot would be.

    Female with the FW postdiscal spots unevenly set, staggered, like I. helicon.

    Female Ionolyce helicon.
    FW without the inner costal spot as in N. beroe.
    FW postdiscal band always with the spots irregualrly arranged, staggered.
    FW with very rounded margin & HW narrow & triangular giving a distorted shape at rest.

    TL Seow:Cheers.

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