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Thread: ID help with this moth please

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    Default ID help with this moth please

    Taken in Selangor

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    Should be the female Ischyja marapok.

    The HW blue band normally helpful is hidden.

    The sharply dividing line between the outer & basal zones indicate a female.
    Species in which the division is very sharp includes I. subreducta, paraplesius, hemiphaea, manlia & marapok.
    These can be viewed here.

    I. subreducta can be eliminated as it is cofined to Borneo.
    I. paraplesius have broad submarginal streaks.

    I. hemiphaeus have a heavy dark contrasted submarginal fascia.

    These leaves the females of I. manlia & marapok.

    In I. manlia, the FW margin is slightly incurved & the apex slightly falcate (hooked) ; FW submarginal darker, may be spot-like, running in deeper from the apex.

    In I. marapok female. the FW outer margin is straighter. FW submarginal runs shallower & closer to outer margin from apex.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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