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Thread: A couple of Potanthus from northern Thailand

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    Default A couple of Potanthus from northern Thailand

    These two individuals are from 1,100 m, on Doi Suthep, north Thailand.

    I have tried to narrow down these two, but as usual with Potanthus skippers it's a headache with some features fitting but others not.

    The first two images are the same individual, and I think it is P. mingo - but could be pava, nesta or omaha)? There appears to be no black veins on the spots of the hindwing.

    The third image I think is P. omaha?

    Any comments gratefully received. With thanks.

    Image 1.

    Image 2.

    Image 3.

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    They are probably Potanthus mingo.
    Potanthus is extremely difficult .
    An UnH is always helpful.

    Salient point. male with a broad black band at abdominal end.

    The folowing have the abdominal end yellow or merely with a thin black line in the male.
    They can be eliminated.
    They are, P. omaha, ganda, pava, confucius.

    The following have spots 4 & 5 fully detached , or detached between spot 5 & 6, & little overlap between spot 4 & 3.

    P. nesta have the HW band upper margin almost straight & level.

    P. pseudomaesa & sita have very little overlap of spots 4 & 5 with spot 6 above & spot 3 below.

    P. rectifasciatus have FW band straight & HW spot 6 large & elongate.

    P. serina have spot 5 narrower than spot 4; HW with spot 6 on the inside corner.

    P. juno often have 2 subapical spots,spot 8 often missing; spot 5 narrower than spot 4.

    P. mingo
    FW with good overlap between spot 3 & 4, variable between spot 5 & 6.
    HW band veins not blacken, Underside with heavy dark spots usually.

    TL Seow: Cheers.

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    Many thanks for these very useful summaries. A steep learning curve these Potanthus.

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