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Thread: Id Help Needed

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    Seng Kang

    Default Id Help Needed

    Dear Dr Seow, Pls help with the IDs for member. Thanks!

    #1(Mycalesis mineus macromalayana?)
    Bush Brown 3.jpg

    #2 (Telicota linna?)
    Skipper 5.jpg
    Skipper 6.jpg
    Cher Hern

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    1. Mycalesis mineus.

    2 .Telicota linna female.
    Normally in T. linna female the FW cellend twin bars are rather short.
    Here they appear longer especially the upper one.
    They thus look like the that in the female T. besta.
    However there is a perspective distortion which make the left FW more swept(like a jet fighter), cause the the bar to be elongate.
    The underside of T. linna female have the veins across the HW band not dark-dusted, the fae & lower abdomen paler.

    T. linna females.

    T. besta female.
    In the correct perspective the twin FW cellend bars are longer than in T. linna, the upper bar more so.
    The underside have the veins across the band just likely dark dusted & only the face is paler.

    TL Seow: Cheers.

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