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Thread: ID help, please!

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    Default ID help, please!

    Dear Dr Seow,

    Could you please confirm this is Common Five Ring (Ypthima baldus newboldi). Thanks

    Cheng Ai

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    It should be what is known as Y. horsfieldii humei..
    Y. horsfieldii humei.
    Ground colour whiter & striations coarser & more contrasting.
    HW spots more often separate but may touch.
    HW spots 5 & 6 subrqual , & spot 6 may be the larger.

    Y. baldus newboldi.

    Ground light biege & striations finer & less contrasted.
    HW spots 2 & 3 often large & conjoined.
    HW spot 5 almost always larger than spot 6.

    DSF Y. baldus can occur with the spots smaller & separate.

    Y. horsfieldi humei is not recognised across the border in Thailand.
    It is lumped together as Y. baldus newboldi.

    The two represent the Sundanian (humei) & continental (newboldi)forms of the baldus complex.

    In Thailand this has also been confused with Y. nebulosa ,a distinct species not found in P.Malaysia.
    Y. nebulosa : Dark fasciae obscure; spot 3 often larger than spot 2.

    It can not be called Malayan Fivering as it is not found in Malaya.

    To complicate matters ,Uemura examined the type specimen of the taxon humei& found it to be similar to newboldi, ie it becomes a synonym.

    If the P. Malaysian & Singapore population of Y. horsfieldii humei is a distinct species from Y. baldus newboldi, than the taxon humei is invalid.

    It will need to be redescribed with a new taxon name eg Y. horsfieldii X.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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    Thank you Dr Seow for the detailed explanation.

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