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    This is a fine professional shot.
    No problem here.

    Male Baoris oceia.

    Baoris is easily confused with Caltoris.
    The FW is longer & more imposing, especially in the male ( ie. extending out more from the HW.).
    The antennal shaft is mostly black, the pale area seen in some Caltoris is absent or obscure.
    The HW often have a vague pale area around the cellend.
    The abdomen is obscurely banded.

    Caltoris cormasa male for comparison.

    Baoris farri :Browner, lighter. More often with a full complement of spots.
    Male FW less sinuous , the lower half margin straighter, less excavate.
    B. oceia does not occur in China or India, so examples of B. farri from there are more reliable.
    Male & female , Singapore.

    Baoris oceia: Darker brown; FW spots more often reduced in numbers.
    Male FW lower margin excavate, giving a more sinuous curve.
    Males 3, 1 female Singapore.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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