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Thread: Doubtful IDs from Nepal

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    Male Erionota torus.

    There are a lot of confusion with the Erionota spp.

    E. torus. FW 30/36 mm.
    FW margin strongly convexc, apex more pointed in the female.
    Antennal club 1/2 white above in female & 1/2 to 2/3 white above in the male.
    HW patch broad & more or less uniform width.
    UpF apex may have white shading.


    E. thrax. FW 31/37 mm.
    FW apex sharper & margin straight. UpF apical margin may be lightly shaded white.
    Antennal club 1/2 white in female & 2/3 white in male.
    HW patch relatively broad throughout.



    E. acroleuca apicalis

    Previously the continental population was given as E. acroleuca apex.
    Taxon apex type location Luzon is now considered as a ssp or full species & is not aplicable to the mainland population (unless the Philippine & continental forms are considered the same.)
    There does not seem to be any article treating taxon apex as a separate species.
    See PDF ,A taxonomic note on Erionota acroleuca.

    FW sharp ,margin straight. UpF apical margin shaded white but may be brown.
    Antennal club fully white above in the male & 1/2 white in the female.
    HW with the pale patch much narrower in the upper half.
    Smaller FW 29/31 mm.



    Unusual form E. torus males with large white are on the club. HW patch partially narrower .Probably of hybrid origin with E. acroleuca.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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