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Thread: One windy, foggy night at Khao Ramrome

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    Default One windy, foggy night at Khao Ramrome

    Khao Ramrome, 990 mt, South Thailand.

    20/30 knots of wind, a pleasant 15 to 20 C. a lot of fog. Not easy to set up a MV ligh. Shame because, although a last less than 2 hours, it was very busy, moths speaking.

    Hard to take sharp pictures with the white sheet flying like a sail...

    Amerila astreus
    - Arctiidae, Arctiinae

    Euhampsonia roepkei (Notodontidae, Dudusinae),
    or, as the friend Les Day write: "is similar to the northern E. serratifera. In MOT, vol.5 (page 44) it states that E. roepkei is the Sudanian sister species and MAY be found in S. Thaland"

    Phyllodes staudingeri
    - Phyllodes staudingeri

    Eudocima phalonia
    - Erebidae, Catocalinae

    Zeuzera indica
    - Cossidae. Or, as the friend Roger Kenrick write:
    "indica and coffeae are now in the genus Polyphagozerra courtesy of the following publication:
    Yakovlev, R.V., 2011: Catalogue of the Family Cossidae of the Old World. Neue Entomologische Nachrichten, 66: 1-129."

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    Antherea sp.
    - A little help for a lazy guy...

    Asota plana
    - Noctuidae, Aganainae.
    Or, as the friend John Horstman from Pu'er, Yunnan, says, could be A. clara

    Ramadasa pavo
    - Noctuidae, Ophiderinae

    The Greater Deat's Head Hawkmoth
    - Acherontia lachesis

    The Spotted green hawkmoth
    - Cechenena helops helops

    The Spotted Green Hawkmoth
    - Cechenena helops helops

    The Northern Dark-green Hawkmoth
    - Angonyx testacea testacea

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    Post 1.

    Examples of Euhampsonia roepkei from Malaya.

    E. serratifera.

    Post 2.

    1. Antheraea helferi HW ocellus with black eyelid; Falcate FW.

    2. Asota clara.
    FW white patch outer margin strongly serrated & 'straight'.
    Malaya & Sumatra (Sundainaian forms)

    Asota plana :FW white patch outer margin rounded.
    Singapore & Borneo.

    TL Seow : Cheers.

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