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Thread: Samia and one more.

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    Default Samia and one more.

    Beautiful moth we found at night. Selangor, Malaysia. Samia tetrica - ID credit: Marcus Ng.
    Samia tetrica IMG_3430 copy by Kurt (, on Flickr

    Samia tetrica IMG_3436 copy by Kurt (, on Flickr

    Erebidae, Arctiinae, Syntomini
    the long cell in the forewing from the base to the anal angle / tornus excludes the genus Amata. Candidate genera to follow up with would be Caeneressa and Syntomoides. - Info credit: Roger Kendrick.
    Blue moth IMG_3528 copy by Kurt (, on Flickr
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    THe Samia is a lovely difference from the garish looking Atlas Moth.
    I wonder if Saturnids are distasteful as their slow flight & large size make them very vulnerable to attack.

    The 2nd have no match , either in wing or body patterns.

    TL Seow : Cheers.

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