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Thread: Moths from a Malaysian trip

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    Default ID Correction

    Post 4 No. 3.

    This is correctly Achaea serva.
    The markings varies a fair bit.
    The ID point is the FW discal mark.

    A. serva : FW discal mark 3 black dots forming a trinagle.

    A. janata. : FW discal mark 2 black dots.

    A. eusciasta : FW discal mark a dot & a large oval/oblong spot (actually comprise 3 dots & dark shading).
    I can't remember. Was A. serva the name you gave?

    TL Seow:cheers
    PS. Further check shows the above features are subjected to much variations, but a strong 3 dots is very suggestive of A. serva.
    A. serva showing FW 3 -dot discal mark, HW white band narrow ; HW tornal white patch obscure & brownish.
    A. janata showing FW 2-dot discal mark; Hw white band broad & tornal white patch prominent.
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