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Thread: Easily missed, Pantoporia dindinga.

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    Default Easily missed, Pantoporia dindinga.

    All five species of Pantoporia are recorded from Singapore.
    One of the rarities is Pantoporia dindinga. ( dindinga - latinised Dinding in lower Perak. )

    P. dindinga have two grey submarginal bands but these are often orange-tinged so it resembles P. paraka.
    P. paraka have 2 orange submarginal bands. The marginal area is usually shaded orange so it appears to have 3 bands.

    The key to ID dindinga is to compare the greyness of the 2 bands to the adjacent orange spots. The bands are much darker/greyer.

    Typical male P. paraka by Horace.

    Fecerick's shots of female(corrected) P. paraka & male dindinga(Gua Tempurang). Note the greater contrast of orange spots & grey bands in P. dindinga.

    Federick' female P. paraka & Ellen's female P. dindinga (Bunker Trail.)

    TL Seow
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