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    I would like to encourage BC members who are out in various places to record your sightings. Even without photos, many of you are now able to ID quite a good number of species within the Singapore checklist. If you have photographic records, all the better.

    Those of you with smartphones may also want to consider downloading the free app, Runkeeper, which gives you a good GPS track of where you've been and also keep as a record after your visit to any particular sites.

    I was out at Yishun Park a couple of weekends back, and here is my checklist of sighting for that location. Some of you may want to try out this park. It's one of the "feeder" parks for the new Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. A surprise that I spotted there was the Malay Staff Sergeant that came down to puddle on some fruits. A jogging couple scared it away though.

    Checklist of Butterflies observed on 3 Jun 2012
    1. Chocolate Pansy
    2. Common Palmfly
    3. Painted Jezebel
    4. Dark Brand Bush Brown
    5. Common Grass Yellow
    6. Malay Staff Sergeant
    7. Common Faun
    8. Common Mormon
    9. Autumn Leaf
    10. Arhopala major major (Thanks, Seow!)
    11. Baron
    12. Great Eggfly
    13. Striped Albatross
    14. Peacock Pansy
    15. Lime Butterfly
    16. Lesser Grass Blue
    Seow, can you help with the ID of the Arhopala? It's a heavily cropped shot of this very skittish fella.
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