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Thread: New Butterfly Interpretative Centre at Sime Park

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    Gosu_John Guest

    Exclamation New Butterfly Interpretative Centre at Sime Park

    Hi all,

    since Sime Park is a well known area for butterfly photography.

    Is there a general 'want' or 'need' for an interpretative centre or visitor centre in this area?

    The visitor centre could provide rest/beverage facilities for the butterfly enthusiasts, serve as an educational point for non-butterfly enthusiasts and to promote butterflies in Singapore in general.

    On top of that, would photographers and enthusiasts appreciate a special designated area for the research, viewing and photography oppurtunistic purposes?

    For example, an area within the visitor centre with viewing decks and bait decks to attract multiple species of butterflies for study,research and photography purposes.

    And not forgetting, an area for the friendly people of the Singapore butterflypals forums to gather and rest after a hard day's work.

    Any comments/suggestions regarding this?

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    Gosu_John Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Rustic
    Do you mean Sime Forest?

    If so, it is not easy since some locations are quite off-track. However, there is always a good number of butterflies right at the current ranger station. Material-wise might be tricky, but I guess a poster would be sufficient (like those of NSS').
    yes of course. Sime Forest. thats what i meant.

    I am designing an interpretative centre at the old PUB pump house area, its a small clearin within the track leading to the macritchie core of the trail. its pretty sunken in. its a project for NUS architecture students. I'm thinking why not instead of just a visitor centre, include an area for butterfly enthusiasts too!

    and this is the best place to ask for demands and wants and opinions :D

    what do butterfly photographers always wish buildings could do for them everytime they enter the forest?

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    Gosu_John Guest


    Hi rustic,

    thanks for replying. I have included a photo of this particular place we are designing.

    Thanks for the great info and help! The are helpful no doubt.

    Is there a place where I can go to read up more about the rules and dos n donts regarding butt observations?

    And do they generally rest in the shade or in the direct sunlight or do they vary from species to species? Would it be a cool thing to create a buttefly bait deck where baits are laid out to attract butterflies to allow butt enthusiasts to photograph them?

    And what greater place to do in Sime Forest? :D

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    Gosu_John Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Rustic
    Not sure if you still reading this thread.

    We visited that location on Saturday.

    Fewer butterflies were spotted (probably due to overcast weather). Just a copy of common grass yellow, and the common-found browns (DDBB) and Niggers.
    hi rustic,

    thank you for your informative replies. that project is since over and I'm currently in the midst of my exams right now, they are starting on the 22 and end on the 29 after which i will be looking forward to borrowing my uncle's 105 nikkor micro to do some butt photography are there any famous butterflies to look out for in japan? I will be heading there this holidays and i wouldnt want to miss on any foreign butterflies oppurtunity

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