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Thread: Facilities for the Appreciation and Education on Butterflies

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    Default Facilities for the Appreciation and Education on Butterflies

    Hi all members,

    ButterflyCircle is in the midst of organizing with a local establishment on a facility for the education and appreciation of butterflies for students and the general public.

    Through this facility ButterflyCircle hope to educate and heighten the understanding and awareness amongst the younger generation and the public at large of these beautiful creatures .

    As the project is at its initial stages of implementation, we will at the appropriate time provide further information to the progress of this project.

    We have identified the following showy and easy to breed species as some of the mainstays for this project .

    Leopard Lacewing

    Tawny Coster

    Request for Butterfly Pictures

    We will need high resolution photos and life cycle records of these 2 species for pictorial display and illustrations in this facilities.

    We are open for contribution in the followings:

    Leopard Lacewing and Tawny Coster

    1 composite Life Cycle shot

    2 Eclosion Sequence

    3 Adult shots both male and female in either clear portrait or with environment .

    Resolution requirement for above :

    3000 x 1800 pixels @ 300 dpi or (8"x5" @ 300dpi) preferably in TIFF format.

    If you have shots that meet the above resolution and are willing to contribute them for consideration for display at the facilities, please forward your photos to for evaluation.

    Thank you in advance!

    PS1: Bobby as discussed, your contribution of the eclosing sequences of the Leopard Lacewing and Tawny Coster will be much appreciated.

    PS2: Least anyone reading this thread think we are applying double standard in the breeding of cats with reference to our often stated stands, that only those with Nparks permit are allowed to collect eggs (from Areas govern by all the rules stated in the COC). These two species has become so widespread in recent months that they are all over the island and most of the colonies are outside the purview of those often quoted areas. Just follows the COC and you are on the right side of the rule when doing your personal lifecycle study and record of these beautiful creatures.

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