Had a enjoyable outing today. Some shots for sharing.

#1 : Papilio polytes romulus (Common Mormon) - My very first shot of this morning near the Tree Top Trail.

#2 :Vindula dejone erotella (Cruiser) Female - shot at the Lantana spot

#3 : Tanaecia pelea pelea (Malay Viscount) at the Tree Top Trail

#4 : Rapala domitia domitia (Yellow Flash) behind the Tree Top Trail.

#5 : Abisara savitri savitri (Tailed Judy) - My first target of the day was shot about noon time behind the Tree Top Trail. At last a decent shot of it.

#6 : Arhopala epimuta epiala (Common Disc Oakblue) - shot at USR

Thanks for viewing.

Using Minolta Z1 by Federick Ho