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    Ever so often, we encounter many species of butterflies which puddle (stopping at damp patches on roads, dirt paths, etc., to drink from a variety of sources). However, not all species puddle though, and in quite a number of the families like Papilionidae and Pieridae in particular, only the males puddle. The physiological reasons for puddling have been discussed here and gives some explanations why only the males puddle.

    We'd like to keep this thread open for everyone to post their encounters of puddling butterflies so that we can have a list of all the puddlers as a reference. So upload your puddling photos here and we will update the checklist as we go along!

    Remember, to define "puddle" the butterfly must be feeding on some damp surface on the ground, or some dropping, excreta or other 'salt-bearing' substance. This is different from those butterflies which are feeding on the fermented juices of rotting fruit, sap of trees and so on. So please distinguish between the two.

    List of Puddling Butterfly Species - Observed and/or Photographed.

    Family : Papilionidae SubFamily : Papilioninae

    Pachliopta aristolochiae asteris (Common Rose)
    Papilio demoleus malayanus (Lime Butterfly)
    Papilio demolion demolion (Banded Swallowtail)
    Papilio polytes romulus (Common Mormon)
    Papilio memnon agenor (Great Mormon)
    Papilio prexaspes prexaspes (Blue Helen)
    Graphium sarpedon luctatius (Common Bluebottle)
    Graphium evemon eventus (Blue Jay)
    Graphium doson evemonides (Common Jay)
    Graphium agamemnon agamemnon (Tailed Jay)
    Pathysa antiphates itamputi (Five Bar Swordtail)

    Family : Pieridae Subfamily : Pierinae
    Delias pasithoe parthenope (Red Base Jezebel)
    Delias hyparete metarete (Painted Jezebel)
    Appias lyncida vasava (Chocolate Albatross)
    Appias libythea olferna (Striped Albatross)
    Hebomoia glaucippe aturia (Great Orange Tip)

    Family : Pieridae Subfamily : Coliadinae

    Catopsilia pomona pomona (Lemon Emigrant)
    Eurema hecabe contubernalis (Common Grass Yellow)
    Eurema simulatrix tecmessa
    Eurema blanda snelleni (Three Spot Grass Yellow)
    Eurema sari sodalis (Chocolate Grass Yellow)
    Gandaca harina distanti (Tree Yellow)

    Family : Nymphalidae Subfamily : Danainae

    Euploea midamus singapura (Blue Spotted Crow)
    Euploea tulliolus ledereri (Dwarf Crow)
    Euploea radamanthus radamanthus (Magpie Crow)

    List to be updated ...
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