Zographetus rama was recorded in the past in Singapore & recent sightings indicate it is still extant.

Dairy Farm. Jan 2023.

The antennal club have a white patch below the apiculus ,which covers the club partially.
FW shows a single subapical spot 6, & discal spots 2 & 3.
The antennal markings is seen in Hyarotis & Isma but no species will match.
In Zographetus the white patch is also variable.
The spots & antenna match that of Zographetus rama female very well.
The FW cellspot is not visible but it may be off focus.
Also in Z. rama the cellspot may be absent in some individual

A second observation with a similar antennal marking should be this species although the FW spots are not visible.

TL Seow: Cheers.