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Thread: Jamides pura pura.

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    Post Jamides pura pura.

    Jamides pura pura is extant in Singapore but field shot identification is extremely difficult.

    Jamides pura. Male FW margin straighter than in celeno.
    Male UpF with the black border a thread or sometimes a series of small marginal spots.
    UnF submarginal spot 2 more chevron with curved sides & more distinct dislocation of the white striae.

    Female UpH with the veins between the submarginal spots largely not darken.
    UnF submarginal spots all lunulate with curved margins.

    Both sexes often have longer silvery side bars on the black spot ,but variable.

    P. Malaysia.


    Federick shot a female long ago in which all the submarginal spots were strongly lunulate.

    Jamides celeno.
    Male UpF with a dark border usually increasing at the apex.
    UnF with the submarginal spot 2 more or less in line with the rest.

    Female UpH with veins between the submarginal spots strongly darken.
    UnF submarginal spots mostly with straight margins.

    HW black spot with the silvery side bars usually short or absent.

    Male & female.

    This observation have the male UpF without the dark border.
    This female from the same area have the FW submarginal spots mostly broadly lunulate, suggesting female pura.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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