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Thread: Request for ID keys

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    Post 10.

    It is terribly difficult to ID Parnara based on one view.

    To reiterate.

    Parnara bada,
    FW no cellspot or a tiny lower one.
    FW subapical spot 8 reduced; discal spots 2, 3, 4, well spaced; spot 3 midway.
    UnH spots irregular, crooked band, small; spot 6 often present & large.

    Parnara ganga.FW no cellspot or a small lower one.
    FW subapical spot 8 reduced.Discal spots well spaced, spot 3 nearer spot 2.
    UnH spot larege, usually yellowish, close slihjtly crooked band, spot 6 almost always absent.

    Parnara apostata.
    FW subapical spot 8 reduced. discal spots may be large & slightly overlapping. Cellspot absent or a tiny lower one.
    UnH almost always with a spot 6; band white, slightly crooked.
    UpF very dark, almost black.

    Parnara guttata.
    FW subapical spots well-formed, (in India), in a straight line. discal spots may be large.
    Cellspot may be two, more often only the upper one is present.
    UnH with spot 6, white band in a straght line.

    6. I leave this as P. bada although the larger straighter HW band & lack of spot 6 suggest P. ganga.

    7. Without UnH spot 6 & a fairly straight white band, probably P. guttata.

    8. The UnH band is more crooked & the FW subapical much reduced.
    UnH with a spot 6.
    Probably P. ganga.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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