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Thread: Lassipa ID help needed

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    Default Lassipa ID help needed

    Hi Dr Seow,

    Is this a Lassipa heliodore or tiga? The cell end 'tongue' is well formed and separated from the main band, but the submarginal spots are rather unequal. Advice would be much appreciated, thank you.

    Jian Kai
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    Jian Kai

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    Female Lasippa heliodore.

    The spots in butterfies are described in the set position.
    Thus submarginal spot 3 is the widest ,not the tallest.

    There is no difficulty in separating the males of the two species, but the female L. heliodore is frequently misIDed as L. tiga.

    The male is readily identified by the long 'foot' extension of the FW postdiscal spot running on the dorsum (FW lower margin).
    Females lack this extension.

    Lasippa heliodore.
    FW tongue-like spot usually well-defined & separated by black.
    Male with submarginal spot 3 about the same width as submarginal spot 4.
    Female with submarginal spot 3 about 1.5 X wider than submarginal spot 4.


    Pairs. female on the right.

    Lasippa tiga.
    FW tongue-like spot not well-defined or separated by black edgings.
    Male & female with FW submarginal spot 3 at least 2X wider than submarginal spot 4.

    P. malaysia.


    TL Seow: Cheers.
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    Thank you so much Dr Seow for the detailed clarification!
    Jian Kai

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