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Thread: ID help needed (13 Oct 2021)

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    Seng Kang

    Default ID help needed (13 Oct 2021)

    Dear Dr Seow,
    Pls help with the following ids for members, thanks!


    Cher Hern

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    1. Male Nacaduba berenice icena. Fairly typical.

    The two smaller 8line blues have the dark striae strong in the male.

    N. berenice icena is very variable.
    FW postdiscal band typically dislocated in the middle, angulated or crooked.
    Submarginal spots various shape, FW submarginal spots 4 & 5 if pointed then low or blunt.

    N. calauria malayica.
    FW postdiscal band almost always straight although some slight crookedness may be present.
    FW submarginal spots 4 & 5 always sharp pointed, triangular with straight sides.
    Male left.

    The two larger species have the males with the dark striae weak or obsolete. Margins are straighter.

    N. kurava nemana
    FW postdiscal band typically straight ,sometimes with a slight dislocation/
    FW submarginal spots usually large with rounded margins or corners.

    N. beroe neon
    FW costal spot above the mid cell (innermost) band absent.
    FW postdiscal band typically broken in the middle, but may be variously dislocated.

    Ionolyce helico also lacks the inner costal spot as in N. beroe.
    Some examples are confusingly similar to N. beroe.

    N. beroe looking like I. helicon,
    Lowest spot of the FW postdiscal band not shifted in.
    The HW submarginal spots in space 3 & 4 above the black spot are lunulate (crescent moons)

    Ionolyce helicon resembling N. beroe.
    Lowest spot of FW band shifted in.
    HW submarginal spots 3 & 4 are chevrons, ie V-shaped.
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    2. Borbo cinnara.
    There is no HW cellspot & the postdiscal spots are 2, 3, & 6.
    The antennal club are thicker, more stubby than in Pelopidas.

    TL Seow: Cheers.

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