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Thread: Id help for Dacalana

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    Default Id help for Dacalana

    Good evening Dr. Seow Sir

    My suspected id is Dacalana cotys, due to its thickened/wide white band on underwing, & the band not widening towards costa (id keys collected from this forum). I guess it is female, looking at the prominent white spot on the upper forewing.

    But the black merginal border on hindwing is wide, which is suppose to be unusual for cotys?

    The female cotys on this link, collected from Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya matches the UFO

    However I failed to find any confirm image of penicilligera female.




    Thank you in advance

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    It is Dacalana cotys female.

    Past discussion is flawed by the confusing images on the web.
    The white markings are variable ? seasonal.

    The two species can readily be separated thus.

    Dacalana cotys.
    FW postdiscal dark line midway between the termen(outer margin) and the white discal band.

    Dacalana penicilligera.

    FW postdiscal dark line much nearer the termen than the discal white band.

    The female D. penicilligera have the FW margin straighter as in the male but the postdiscal line is lunulate.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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