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Thread: Rapala for ID

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    Default Rapala for ID

    Good evening Dr. Seow sir.

    I have photographed this Rapala with my point and shoot camera long long back in Assam.

    While scrolling through my Hard drive able to recover this picture. I know the photo is very bad.

    But looking at its dark wings colours and bands (including the upper), is there any possibility for this to be Rapala melida or is it Rapala varuna.

    Sorry for the poor picture. Posting this, just to get an idea if it is available near my area.

    Thank you.


    _DSC0209.JPG _DSC0210.JPG _DSC0211.JPG

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    Rapala varuna.

    There is a strong suggestion of R. melida here.

    In blowing up the pix, the HW band can be seen to be double-white sided & is very close to the cellend bar.

    In R melida the FW band is narrower, the HW band is weakly white-edged on the outside & is well separated from the cellend bar.

    TL Seow: Cheers.

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