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Thread: ID need Verification and Help

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    There are a number of shots of Caltoris taken in NE India & are worth reviewing.

    Caltoris bromus: FW 2 cellspots; usually UnF spot 1b in both sexes. UpF male ocasional spot 1b.
    Female sometimes have UnH spots 2, & 3.

    C. confusa :darker & smaller usually with reduced markings especially absence of upper cellspot & spot 3.
    UnF without a spot 1b.

    C. cahira: FW 2 cellspots. UnH dark chocolate

    2 large cellspots; Un. uniformly brown.
    Should be C. bromus male.

    2 FW cellspots; Left UnF shows a spot 1b (faint)
    C. bromus male.

    Both females & likely to be the same species.
    Probably C. bromus females. Correction; These two females are unlikely to be C. bromus.

    Typical C. cahira male with UnH dark chocolate.

    Typical C. cormasa with overall reddish tone. Male. FW spots tend to be yellowish. Add. note: A comparison with C. plebeia seem almost identical, but C plebeia never have 3 subapical spots (seen here) & Unh is darker purplebrown.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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