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Thread: ID needed!

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    Seng Kang

    Default ID needed!

    Dear Dr Seow, pls help with the following id for member. Thanks!
    Cher Hern

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    Oriens gola.
    The markings are a bit worn, exposing the veins.

    The species , Oriens goloides can be very difficult to separate from O. gola based on the underside alone.

    Oriens gola veins not darkend on the upperside.
    FW lower cellspot forms a part of the main band.
    Underside raised veins or wear may cause confusion.
    HW band roughly in a broad oval shape.

    Oriens goloides. Veins darken on the upperside, less dark on the underside.
    FW lower cellspot separated from the main band by a dark vein.
    Underside HW band narrower more nearly rectangular, may be very narrow in some females.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
    PS. Many O. gola have been misID'ed as O. goloides.
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