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Thread: Skippers for ID

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    Default Skippers for ID

    Dear Dr Seow, please help with the ID based on open wings of the skippers for members, thanks so much!
    Bengal 1.jpg

    CD 3.jpg

    PS 1.jpg
    Cher Hern

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    1. Pelopidas probably P. mathias female.

    The female of the two are nearly identical above.

    Female P. mathias; A line through the two cellspots move closer to the spot in space 1b, may touch it, & continue below the spot ( view in a ser specimen).

    Female P. agna; A line thru the two cellspots move away from the spot in space 1b & so does not pass underneath this spot.

    2. Iambrix salsala.
    UnF is uniformly brown.

    Similar. I. stellifer; UnF apical area a paler brown.

    3. Caltoris malaya male.
    FW cell without cellspot, rusty brown ; FW spots wellspaced; antennal club more gradual.

    Caltoris philippina. Sharper FW; greenish ochreous; greenish body hairs.

    Parnara bada ;Antennal club abruptly thicken, stubby; FW spots 2 , 3 & 4 closer.; greyer ochreous brown tone.

    TL Seow: Cheers.

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